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16-06-2015, 01:31 PM
New series starts on 28th June on Discovery

16-06-2015, 07:59 PM
And is really not worth watching unless you're into the semi-backcountry version of 'The Jersey Shore' or 'TOWIE' for the UK set.

People running around dressed in motorcycle leathers and denim who always seem to be soaking wet and have managed to sink at least two boats haven't managed to hold my interest.

Your mileage may vary.

All the best,


16-06-2015, 08:17 PM
Who shook your tree then. The word you chose to describe the "UK set" that don't know what a tree looks like should be TOWNIE for the those from Upstate New York that can't spell.

17-06-2015, 12:10 PM
Easy there, Valantine. I was referring to the show "The Only Way Is Essex" or "TOWIE" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1737565/) which I haven't seen, but have heard referenced on the Graham Norton show.

I was merely giving my opinion about the show "Alaskan Bush People" which has its own list of controversy and is basically a trumped-up, made for TV show about a fake family.

If my direct style of address in my first post caused some kind of offense, I do apologize, none was certainly intended.