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27-02-2015, 08:54 PM
Had a bit of a lean year last year on my permissions due to mixy and such. As a result, the remaining bunnies have gotten quite fat and complacent! So much so that this afternoon, there was one the size of a cat just sitting in the orchard behind the farmhouse (lucky me - the school I teach in is on a working farm!). Had to wait until the kids had gone home so my colleague and I leaned on the fence by the orchard shouting "BANG" at said rabbit, which was only 20 yards away and we were surprised to see it just stayed there. Anyway, when the kids went, the trusty Weihrauch came out of the back of the truck and the bunny still stayed. It was like hitting a cows backside with a banjo - you couldn't miss! Ten minutes later and the skinned and gutted bunny was in the truck! Spent some time after tea butchering the meat off the bones (the wife won't cook it for me on the bone, she says it looks like a skinned cat!) whilst my dog watched on intently, making all manner of "hungry" faces. Looking forward to a nice pie or a stew now!

27-02-2015, 10:29 PM
And what wrong with CAT???lol,or squirrel.
Young bunnies are appearing on my site early this year.Been 2/3v years since any mixi,in my area.
Camp/caravan site been closed for month so shotguns been out,n ive been able to take care of some of the flying vermin,
at all times of the day.other than..mainly lamping in the early hours.
I've enjoyed the layins lol.Enjoy your pie.!!

27-02-2015, 10:42 PM
Todays job was on a little small holding where the hedges were full of runs and rabbits appearing all the time. No shooting there however, it is all live and let live. Did meet a chap that had 46 acres of woodland though that is thinking of opening it up to small numbers of people so that may be interesting.

28-02-2015, 10:31 AM
mmmmm fresh bunny, lucky you :p

28-02-2015, 02:01 PM
mmmmm fresh bunny, lucky you :p

Strangely I rarelly eat the rabbits,or even pigeons I shoot.either give them away,on site.!. or they go to the OWL Sanctuary,to feed the P.O.P.

04-04-2015, 04:18 PM
Just got 2 new rabbit shooting permissions.I was approached by a land owner whilst putting on my boots at one of my regular shooting permissions and asked if I could get rid of the rabbits on his land.
After looking at my daystate (and my insurance) he asked if I could do the same for his mate a couple of miles down the road whos land was alive with rabbits (this has proven to be true) it seems
that I and my mate Fred now have some work to do (work--well somebody has to do it).