View Full Version : Ultimate Survival Alaska

21-08-2014, 08:08 AM
Series 2 starts Thursday 28th August 10pm on National Geographic Channel

Series 1 was pretty interesting, hope series 2 is at least as good.

21-08-2014, 08:52 AM
The last series was good, looking forward to it. ;)

25-08-2014, 09:17 PM
Didn't see the first series but seen it advertised two day ago and got it on record. Just watchin alaskan bush people. For first time

29-08-2014, 07:51 AM
Watched it last night was very inteeresting and I look forward to the rest of the series. generally a good balance on the teams although the woodsman's team does seem a bit older :) will be interesting how it pans out.

29-08-2014, 09:14 AM
I have to say I was very disappointed with the first episode, all the camaraderie of the first series has gone with the introduction of fixed teams competing against each other.
No more skill sharing or friendly banter and only three of the original adventurers are involved.