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paul standley
15-04-2014, 06:43 PM
Having cut a long slot in the top 1ft of the Maypole to accommodate the 'crown' for the pole that carries the ribbons we strapped the pole onto the Nissan a couple of days ahead of the event and toddled off to the Country Fair venue to erect the pole and test drive the fit of the crown.


We dropped the pole 2ft into the ground to make sue it was as secure as possible. The Crown is a wire frame onto which Willow rods are woven to produce a loose matrix for attaching the dressing later.


The 'Maypole Song' text in Welsh and English showed up quite well at head height.


Lisa temporarily fitted the crown (not dressed yet) to the top of the pole and unfurled all of the ribbons to make sure they were long enough and hung properly. This was all new to us so it was a bit trial and error but it worked out really well.

Having tested everything Lisa took the ribbons and crown away and just left the bare pole until the actual day.

Sunday morning 13th April and we arrive on site first thing and set the pole and crown back up again. The crown was dressed with foliage and some flowers. The weather was superb which was a big bonus so the pole all set up, Lisa goes off to set up her craft stall.


There were over 5000 visitors to the country fair and it was a terrific day and the Maypole was used several times by dancers so mission well accomplished...!


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Would we do another Maypole... Well yes actually, it worked out well and wasn't complicated to do so and having done one now, the next 20 should be pretty easy..!

Thanks for following... Paul and Lisa

15-04-2014, 07:23 PM
Great effort,took me back to my childhood!such patterns were woven by the ribbons,and unless "someone" keeps these old traditions going!They will be lost for ever.Well done.

08-05-2014, 11:30 PM
only just seen this,sorry mate as i did say i was looking forward to the end result...it turned out really well by the look of it and you sound pleased with it,glad the weather played ball,doesent half make a differance...atb kev