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This section of the forum talks of 'experiences you've had on the trail' well this wasn't exactly on the trail, more between trails. I've been adrift for a while, I spent some days wandering on the Downs and 11 nights in the wood knowing that all too soon the golden days we've had this summer will be a pleasant memory, in a couple of months or so I imagine.:)

People were sitting around in the hot sun, some at tables drinking and eating, others just chatting after the earlier displays when suddenly there was a loud heavy explosion in the distance and black smoke arose in a mushroom cloud. I heard the howl of aero engines and the roar of machine gun fire as two Messerschmitt 109's screamed across the nearby airfield.

Panic! try to get the camera working..


Re enactors in Home Guard uniforms ran to the perimeter and began firing rifles at the strafing aircraft and above the racket the eerie wail of an air siren came over the nearby loud speakers. The Messerschmitts made a low banking turn and began their return run, fire and smoke erupting on the grass of the airfield ahead of them, the smell of burning drifting across the crowd.



A young lad, about 13 years I suppose, standing near me by the fence suddenly raised both clenched fists above his head rather like football fans do when their team scores, only this time he yelled 'Spitfire' and pointed towards the nearby Downland.
( was he an aeroplane fan or are British kids born with Spitfire images built into their subconscious?..:D )


12 cylinder Rolls Royce howling, the Spitfire flashed across the airfield so low and fast I couldn't track it with the camera. The Messerschmitts broke climbing left and right and the Spitfire made a snarling sound and seemed to stand on it's tail as it chased one of them inland.

Someone said, "Jerry's for it now" and pointed up into the blue Sussex sky..






As in the hot summer of 1940, Spitfires, Hurricanes and Messerschmitts twisted and turned in the sunshine above the English countryside. Later we were privileged by a visit from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.


Another reminder to those of us free to walk this beautiful land.



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to slip the surly bonds of earth... and touch the face of god...

tally ho boys! sausage eaters at 5 o, clock!

great pics...

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As a 'Plane Spotter' myself that was of interest. Seems you had a great day by all accounts? Always stirs the blood the Rolls Royce Merlin engine sound. 'Another reminder to those of us free to walk this beautiful land.' If your able to read this thank a Teacher.. If your able to read this in English Thank A Veteran, 'they who gave their yesterday for our tomorrow' :wink:

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Wot a wonderfull site and sound that must have been.Never has so mutch been ode by so menny to so few.

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Saxonaxe ..... Nice pictures and a very eloquent description of proceedings T^

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