View Full Version : Beech wood ferro fire stricker

05-07-2013, 11:01 PM
Basically i bought a ferro rod to have some fun with and found it was a pain in the back side to use as only the rod so diss-mantled a chair (hate paying for wood when there is so much i can use from recycled bits and bobs) and popped a handle and sheath on it

and here it is

i originally made this so it was square, but found it did not fit my hand well, it worked well but was not quite there, so i thought about it for a while and come up with the 1/8th twist, now it fits my hands nicely and shows off the grain on every edge to the extreme (happened by accident), originally i used oil on wood but then sanded it back as it kept getting very dirty and blackened from my grubby paws, now its waxed and seems to hold up better to dirt and grime, also its a bit more water proof.

was pleasantly pleased with myself on this for a first try and only a week or two of carving, all this was shaped with a mora 120 carving knife and 120 grit to 400 grit sand paper and took a total of 10 hours to complete costing under 10, since then i have been seeing these sell for 20-30 on some websites for alot more basic designs

ill get a few more pics of my other bits when i find the right threads in the forum;)