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14-04-2013, 04:58 PM
Hi guys, maybe someone out there can give me some advice. I have created a new youtube channel on which I have uploaded some bushcraft camping outings. I am very happy as have had alot of positive comments but some comments have come from people who are on this forum have asked if I am also on this forum too. The thing is my username on this forum is not same as youtube, so woud like to change my details here so my username here is same as channel name and then no more confusion. Not sure whats best shall i just re register here with new details and leave old username of VEV as an obsolete member or shall I unsubscribe ( if so how) and re subscribe? Hope this post makes sense and thanks very much for any advice that might be posted.

17-04-2013, 05:06 PM
Hello VEV

I would like to check out your Utube channel. Would you post a link to it please?

I'm not a Utube member so I won't be able to subscribe or post but I will bookmark it and check in for a look.


17-04-2013, 08:40 PM
Hi Tommy,
Thanks for the interest in the youtube channel I set up. Its only been up and running for a few weeks so only have 5 vids, the most popular my wild camping overnighter. My channel is called 'wildsoul62' and I will try to add a link below. I would love to hear any feedback, both good or critical as I am keen to improve my vids and reaslly want to do more bushcraft, wild camping etc to share as not many women doing it which is a shame. Hope to upload a vid on field prep of game bird and cooking it over next few days. I am hoping to change my username to wildsoul here too to keep everything synced but don't know how to.
Canada seems such a beautiful place... its on my bucket list to visit! Thanks Vee


18-04-2013, 02:40 PM
Thank you for providing a link to your channel VEV.

I like your ESEE 6 knife, now I want one too. :) My preference is for a shorter blade so I'd probably go for an ESEE 4 or even an ESEE 3, but that's just me. I am sure your ESSE 6 will give you years of yeoman service.

Regarding the Zebra pot, I wouldn't drill holes in the pan either. I rather be able to fry food than to steam it. But that's just my personal preference. Possibly a few small holes in the side of the lid so it can be used as a strainer. Anyway I now want pot like yours too. :)

I really liked watching your solo camping trip video. Although I'd not call it a solo trip because you had a wonderful companion with you. ;) Anyway VEV I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos.


18-04-2013, 05:51 PM
Thanks Tommy for such positive comments about my vids. Well the esee 6 is a really great knife I really do love it BUT although it really can be very versatile and has a great steel which keeps a sharp edge however much batonning you do, it is quite big ( this is no criticism of it at all) and I am realising that though I love to take it with me on every daytrek and overnighter it is just a tad too big and heavy for my needs, which strangely makes me quite sad as I really do want to be in an environment where I could make the esee 6 my edc! ( i.e. living in the forests of Canada! LOL) Anyway, I seriously looked at the esee 4 but after ALOT of research and deliberation I have gone for another knife, a GSO 4.1 by Guy Seiford. A usa knife with a wicked steel and what looks like a really good design. I will carry it and use it for a few months before posting a vid on it. The zebra is a great little pot no complaints about it at all. I am doing another vid which involves its appearance again very soon!
Re overnighter Yes sky is my loyal companion but not very impressed by cold weather!
Looking at both your photos I can see that you are able to get outdoors alot and enjoy it in many ways. wonder where abouts you are in Canada?
Anyway all the best to you

18-04-2013, 10:29 PM

I just watched a review of the GSO 4.1 and it looks like an awesome knife. I look forward to your video on it.