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15-01-2013, 03:28 PM
Hi all I have bought several times from the Identity store on line and in each case their delivery is fast and they send exactly what is ordered. I have no ties to the company so it is an impartial opinion , but I would highly recommend them for any leather work items. I am not sufficiently experienced with leather craft to say if their prices are high. low or in the middle but they are extremely helpful to people like me who need all the help I can get.



15-01-2013, 06:33 PM
I think they get a lot of stock - tools stamps etc from the same suppliers as Tandy, a little on the deer side tho not as bad as Tandy.
I D store basket weave stamp 8.19
Tandy basket weave stamp 9.35
Le prevo basket weave stamp 4.10 a big difference for the same stamp and the carriage rates vary just as much.
I have used le prevo and Abbey of England in the past few moths and both suffer from the same thing - once they have your order they are slow dispatching it, ordering from le prevo is an experience in its self
you have to fill out your own order form - calculate the carriage rate then add on the vat !!!!!!!! But they are much cheaper and the goods do eventually arrive.
Cheers Bri

15-01-2013, 07:36 PM
I agree entirely with the above.

I ordered a load of stuff from Le Prevo, here's the process:

1) Go online and decide what you want and make a note of order codes, colours etc

2) Go to online order form, complete each line of the order form giving item codes, colours, descriptions, quantities etc

3) manually calculate order total, postal costs, vat etc etc

4) send order

5) Wait an unspecified amount of time for a confirmation email of your order containing their phone number.

6) ring leprevo to pay for order over the phone giving credit/debit card info

7) leprevo then lock your details in a safe whilst they process your order

8) wait upto 7 days for order to be processed/packed etc at which point your card details are processed and payment is taken

9) leprevo then send you an email confirming payment has been made and confirm a dispatch date.

I recently ordered a load of stuff off them as I want to start leather work, whilst their customer service over the phone is great, their web ordering is not at all user friendly. Incidentally, you CANNOT place orders over the phone.

The one good factor is that they are very cheap for tools etc.

I come from long line of Romanys and everybody who knows me, knows that I can sniff out a bargain across an entire continent and LePrevo are by far the cheapest.