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27-07-2012, 10:20 AM
I just got this after asking around here for advice and ideas, and this is what I found on that auction site.

A Molle shoulder bag. It was 25 US$ including postage from Hong Kong. So we'll see how long it last. In my experience it's either years, or it will break next week.
But for now it looks fairly solid.


The mesh side pocket with drawstring closing, easily holds my CamelBak pint sized drinks bottle. That should be enough for just a few hours out in the local woods as this is intended for. Besides I can refill from a creek any time. The water being perfectly drinkable :-)


The main compartment is quite big. It holds my 1,2 litre tea/coffee pot nicely. Alas not much else. But I managed to squeze in my firekit and a wood cup with some teabags and sugar container as well. But I'll go and pick up a smaller kettle that holds just a cup or two. Should be plenty of room then. Gotta sneak in my lunch as well. That it closes with a drawstring leaves room for a few extra bits if pressed to bring some (diapers and wet wipes for the todler?)


On the front there is a smaller compartment. I will try and leave this clear for picking up tinder and anything else I may find on my way. (yea, right) :ashamed:

The opposite side from the bottle pocket I do not have any plan for. For now I have stuffed my hi-tech fire kit (matches, ligher, petroleum jellied cotton pads, ranger bands etc in there in a zip lock bag. But I don't feel that I need this. As all my knives have fire steels on the sheath. And I got my old-school fire kit in the main compartment. Sadly to big to fit here. Well, I could leave the bag and dry tinder and just go with the tin containing steel striker, quartz and charcloth...and keep that in there. But the concept if a leather tinder kit bag containing everything needed for a fire is to new and shiny for me to leave at home, he he


More to follow

27-07-2012, 10:27 AM
Behind the main compartment there is a narrow space that is perfect for my map and compass, and with room for a foam sitting plate :-)


The hole shebang kitted out. There is also a small pocket that fits my Letaherman ST300, and that is nice as I dont have a sheath for it. I will lose the tarp to save some weight. The danger is that I load this up so much that it gets uncomfortable. Right now on the picture it holds everything I bring in my backpack save the axe. But it's nice to know that it CAN hold everything.

Also I can just leave this packed at all times. And if I need to bring more, It can go ready packed either into or strapped to the outside of a larger back pack. And then be used as a
scouting about pack when base camp is established.

But it is yet untested, and I don't know if I will like to carry my stuff one shouldered. Hence the importance of trying to keep it light weight, and not over stuff it.

27-07-2012, 10:34 AM
Real nice buy Rune .. well done mate.


27-07-2012, 12:50 PM
Looks like a Maxpedition clone, lots of useful pockets in those!

27-07-2012, 02:48 PM
Wen't for a stroll with the todler and walked a couple of kilometers with it, packed like in the picture sans the tarp, but with a pint of water in the bottle. It's not to bad, but it won't be comfortable for longer hikes. I could leave the leuku at home or carry it in the belt. That would be 400-450 grams less. And I spotted a nice wee little kettle when shopping today, that should save both weight and space. Anyway, it's nice to have everything in a compact unit. And when I go with I go with a backpack I can just dump the whole thing in there or strap it outside.