View Full Version : " Dartmoor 6 The Great Moorland Bake Off "

27-02-2012, 07:10 AM
Hi there ! Just thought i would post this to save any confusion ! One or two have expressed an interest in coming to the aforementioned meet , i know there are meets planned near the dates ( The Cornwall RV etc ) so it will be a bit difficult for some .

But if the various members that have said they are planning on coming , could list their intentions on here , that would be great , i think most of you know what it's all about , location etc , but any questions queries etc , please just ask .

The Dates Friday 23rd March - Sunday 25th March .. ( but that is flexible , meaning those that want to come early or stay late , no problem ) Cost 10.00 for the stay ( which includes at least one group meal ) also all kindling/firewood , water , toilet facilities , safe and secure vehicle parking , a lockable cabin for first aid , safe storage of valuables etc ) There will be various informal demonstrations of bushcrafty stuff , yet to be finalised , a guided walk ( for those interested ) and a couple are coming from the BTO ( to net and ring birds , get up close and personal , with birds you have only seen from afar ! We have 50 nest boxes dotted around the site )