View Full Version : catty shooting (pic heavy)

Aaron Rushton
29-01-2012, 01:42 PM
hi everyone,
i'm back! been off the forum for a while due to personal reasons but i'm back and with a cool new set of photo's of me shooting my gamekeeperjohn pocket poacher3 cattapult. these were taken with my mum's posh camera which can do these cool action shots, weird facial expressions included
john himslef can punch out 25ftlbs with these things using .44 cal lead balls!!! that's over double the power of legal limit airguns! although im probably punching out a bit less than that as im using .38 cal lead balls and have noodle arms. but im still confident i can take anything up to the size of a rabbit with head/chest shot at close range. i've already taken a rat with it, admittedly at close to point blank range, but im seriously beginning to see the usefulness of cattys as hunting tools. of course there small size means the can be easily concealed in a pocket but i am not going to be doing any poaching of rabbits and pigeons on my local woods footpath whatsoever, of course....
atb Aaron