View Full Version : Infrared Illuminator

Adam Savage
06-08-2011, 03:58 PM
More tech than technique. Weather you shoot your animals with a rifle or a camera, this simple maglite mod could help you out.

I recently purchased an infrared live feed DVR, but the IR LEDs just didn't kick out enough illumination. I had another infrared spotlight, but the beam was too narrow for effective recording (it created a "hot spot" in the centre of the image). The sulotion was to combine my 2D maglite with the lens from the IR spot.

You'll need a D model maglite (Krypton not LED)
Infrared filter material (850nm is sufficient)
A round tin or tub

First either cut the filter to fit the tin/tub, or (as in my case I didn't want to damage the filter I had) find a tin/tub the same diameter/size and shape, as your filter.



Then cut a hole, the same size as the maglite head, in the bottom of the tin/tub.


Attach this to your maglite (I used silicone).


Then attach your filter to the tin/tub, using insulation tape (this helps if you wish to remove the filter at any point).


And hey presto, adjustable beam IR illuminator.