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Home Bushcraft Events BushMoot 2011 - South Wales - 5th-10th August

BushMoot 2011 - South Wales - 5th-10th August

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The Bushcraft UK Bushmoot was conceived to provide an organised family event where people with an interest in bushcraft could gather with like minded individuals and expand their knowledge through mutual skill sharing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the world of bushcraft or an old hand, everyone is welcome and all we ask is that you come and enjoy yourself. Everyone is free to share what they know and we promise you will leave with new found knowledge and new friends.

Bushcraft UK BUSHMOOT - SUMMER 2011

Tickets can be purchased here.

Anyone is more than welcome to come for a day or for the whole period.
These meets are for everyone, no matter how involved you are in bushcraft, bring the family! 

Example workshops at the event:

BushMoot  BushcraftUK GatheringFlintknapping
net making
shelter building
fire by friction with bowdrill and handrill
tool sharpening
plant walks
woodcraft skills
leather working
wilderness cooking
basket making
and lots lots more...

There will be a mixture of scheduled workshops and informal workshops that tend to happen spontaneously.

As usual number to the event are limited so that we don't compromise the fantastic experience for everyone, so book early to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions feel free to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We will as usual have the Bushcraftuk shop at the bushmoot.


Bushcraft  Gathering UK

Here's some info about the site:

The estate has an incredibly varied mixture of terrain with:

300 acres of forest including broad leaf coppice and ancient woodland

5 square kilometres of sand dunes (the second largest and highest in Europe )

4.5 kilometres of coastline (with the second largest tidal change in the world)

6 kilometres of river

An estuary

3 natural springs

2 castles

Numerous streams and ponds

The outstanding diversity of flora and fauna on this site has earned it no less than five designations.

* SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest
* NNR National Nature Reserve
* SPC Special Area of Conservation
* SAM scheduled ancient monument
* Heritage Coast

Our base camp is fully equipped with running water, clean and tidy Male and Female toilet/shower blocks and a purpose built lecture building for when indoor lectures are appropriate.

The nearest bus and train stations are located in the city of Bridgend .

There is a cab office within 100 metres of Bridgend stn. Alternatively, try:
Allwhite Taxis: 01656 660155 begin_of_the_skype_highlightin g 01656 660155 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlightin g 01656 660155 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Cresta Cabs: 01656 767571
Radio Cars: 01656 655766
K Cabs: 01656 655233

PLEASE NOTE - mobile phone reception is non-existent on the site and there is no payphone or landline, so if you need a taxi back to the station at the end of the event remember to book it in advance.

There is phone reception out on the dunes and at the top of the hill, it takes a bit of a walk, call it 15-20 minutes each way to get there, so is inconvenient and sometimes you can pick up a weak reception on the road leading into the site which is 5-10 minutes walk

Take the M4 to Junction 35.
At junction 35 take the A473 towards Bridgend.
At the 3rd roundabout go straight over, heading Northbound on the A48.
At the 2nd roundabout turn left onto the B4265, sign posted to Ogmore-by-Sea.
Take the next proper right hand turn sign posted to Merthyr Mawr.
Take next proper left hand turn again sign posted to Merthyr Mawr.
Follow the road into Merthyr Mawr village and at the junction in the village stay to the right.
Follow the road out of village until it ends in a car park.
At the entrance to the car park go through the left hand gate (it may be shut - if so just open it, and close it again behind you) into the forested area.
Drive along the left hand track until you reach the event parking area

Grid Ref: SS 872 773

Here is some more information about the Moot to help you get a feel for it and to establish what to expect when you're there.

What to expect from a Summer BushMoot
The BushMoots are at heart a place that we share skills, some of those sharing are professional instructors and some are people with a keen interest in a certain area, what ties them all together is their willingness to share the knowledge they have with others. At a Moot anyone can share what they know in more formal workshop setting or as a private chat.

The Moots have turned out to be hugely successful and that is due to them being about participating and not merely a form of entertainment (although things can be highly entertaining). People come for numerous reasons, some to unwind and relax in a beautiful environment that’s safe for kids to play and other come to absorb all that they can from the many varied activities that go on during the event. It’s not appropriate to come expecting a rigid agenda of activities or for one specific activity, it may be rescheduled, changed, too full or not happen at all. Come because there’s the opportunity to relax, learn, and spend time with like minded people that love being outdoors.

The Moot is not a substitute for a professionally run course of similar duration or for diligent self study, there is the opportunity to learn a great deal but the onus is on you to be responsible for your learning by taking advantage of the workshops and people that will be there. 

Some of the workshops incur a small fee to cover materials, if you are not asked to contribute to the materials you use then please make the kind gesture of offering or just giving something to help cover the costs incurred by those providing workshops. 

Just because the person instructing you is not being paid, do not assume that they are not a professional, or that what they are showing you is somehow of less value because they are giving it freely. People who volunteered to run workshops have mentioned about people either openly questioning what qualified them to teach the skill, or to come straight out and tell them they were doing it wrong. There are often more than one way to do things, just because what is being shown does not match what you were expecting does not mean that it is wrong. People will show you how they do things, evolved techniques like this are generally a better/easier way for the individual, this may not be the only way and it may not be the best way for you. It should always be a safe way, but it is up to you to discern what is most applicable to you and adapt as necessary. If you want to be instructed in the textbook method, then you would be best advised to attend a course.
'Please try to exercise some diplomacy and respect. Quite a few of the people who run workshops are full or part time instructors and are very well practised in what they are demonstrating/teaching.

As always we will also have our Bushcraft shop set up for you to purchase various items of Bushcraft kit (cash or cheque only).

Personal safety.
Talking to the people who are interested in bushcraft tends to indicate that it appeals to people who like to be self reliant, who want to be able to take responsibility for their own safety and well being. This then is a reminder to the people who are newer to the outdoors and the kind of activities that bushcraft involves; your safety and comfort are primarily your responsibility. So far, we have been very fortunate that there have been almost no injuries at Moots or at the general meets. Every year we try to mitigate the danger of new enthusiasts going to play with cutting tools for the first time by holding a safety talk on the first morning. The tools that we use are dangerous and should always be treated with respect, as should those around you when you’re using them.

The site is fantastic for families and we have many that come year on year but please remember that your children are your responsibility and they need to be looked after, the site is very safe but your children should be supervised at all times when using any tools or around any fires or other potentially dangerous activities. If children are not looked after we may be forced to ask the family to leave the event. We have never had a big issue occur but we do see the potential for problems.

If you want to share your knowledge, have a good chat about something, pick people’s minds, relax in a safe environment, learn, veg out, go for fantastic walks, practice skills, meet new people and say hi to old friends then the Moot is the place to be.

Summer BushMoot guidelines.

When attending the Moot these guidelines should be followed, if you don't agree with them or you feel that you will not follow them do not come to the Moot.

• Entry to the Moot is after 2pm on Thursday 4th Aug and exit from the site should be no later than 1pm on the 11th Aug (unless doing courses or otherwise arranged with Tony)
• When arriving at the Moot please register as soon as possible and display your car permit in your car at all times
• If arriving in the evening please keep the noise to a minimum when coming through the village and entering the site.

• Limit potential injuries by being sensible
• If in doubt ask
• First aid point will be marked
• Do not carry unsheathed tools
• Do not run while carrying tools
• Do not play with fire
• Respect those around you
• Alcohol has a direct affect on safety, do not use edged tools and drink.

• Axes, knives and any other tools should always be kept safe
• Never touch/use someone else's tools without permission.
• Learn how to use a tool before you hurt yourself or someone else by misusing it
• Only use tools in the appropriate places at the appropriate times
• Anyone acting in a dangerous manner will be asked to leave the site
• Youth should not carry or use edged tools except when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

• Children are the responsibility of the parents
• Please do not allow your child to use edged tools unattended
• When around fires children should be accompanied at all times

• Only to be lit on sandy ground
• Keep them small and appropriate to use
• Do not leave unattended
• Keep water handy
• Extinguish properly
• Tidy away completely – Do not leave any trace
• If in doubt, ask.

• Keep the site clean by picking up any litter that you make or see. There are bins located around the site and black bags will be available. (clear up after yourselves)
• No dogs are allowed on site
• Parking should be in specified areas
• Evenings - people on site should be mindful of others and keep noise down so that others are not disturbed (naughty corner included)
• Keep drinking to evenings after all activities have stopped, do not become loud, rowdy or troublesome, be considerate at all times.

• Have respect for instructors, their tools and their time.
• If you have a specific interest in a subject, ask if anyone can accommodate you.
• If you would like to share run a workshop or gather people for an activity please let the Mods know, speak up. Sharing is what it’s all about.
• Workshops are based on a best effort basis, sometimes they get changed or do not happen.
Some examples of previous workshops are: Flintknapping, knife making, shelters, canoeing, carving, foraging, cooking, bow making, sharpening, tracking, fungi ID, forging, hangi, friction firelighting, knife safety, fires, tinders, tarp use, birch bark, leatherwork, axe use, natural medicines and more including workshops for the youth.

Here's some more information about the site:
Our base camp is fully equipped with running water, clean and tidy Male and Female toilet/shower blocks and a purpose built lecture building for when indoor lectures are appropriate.

event-post-itThe estate has an incredibly varied mixture of terrain with:

300 acres of forest including broad leaf coppice and ancient woodland
5 square kilometres of sand dunes (the second largest and highest in Europe )
4.5 kilometres of coastline (with the second largest tidal change in the world)
6 kilometres of river
An estuary
3 natural springs
2 castles
Numerous streams and ponds

If you have any questions at all please contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with BushMoot in the subject.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you there.
Bushcraft UK team

Comments (4)
4 Saturday, 06 April 2013 14:23
3 Friday, 05 April 2013 14:10
Monica Herlihy
Hiya just wondering if you know of any events happening this year? Around S.Wales? Thanks
2 Tuesday, 19 July 2011 21:59
Awesome sounding stuff, anyone know of any events similar to this in the US?
1 Monday, 18 July 2011 19:30
Thanks Ash,

you got me well excited now, can't wait :)

oll an gwella,


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