The Eden Project to visit Woodland Ways

Friday, 27 August 2010 10:11


Posted by Ashley Cawley

eden-projectOn Wednesday I thought I would visit the Eden Project as Jason from Woodland Ways was down there doing Bowdrill & Cordage demonstrations.

Well what a day! The weather was horrendous in Cornwall, a monsoon! Obviously an ideal day to do some bowdrill Tongue out

jason-and-jo-from-woodland-waysIt didn't stop Jason from making an ember as you can see in his video here.

It was nice to catch up with Jason and Jo from Woodland Ways and we exchanged some Bushcraft tools, I gave him some Limpet shells and an Ivy-wood hearth board to try and he gave me a new hearthboard, western red cedar I believe it was, which I've not tried before.

Also Jason told me that Bear Grylls was in the Tropical Biome, I thought he was joking at first, but it turns out he wasn't. I had no idea that Bear Grylls was at the Eden Project that day. We kind of went looking for him, however ironically as the wife and I spent an hour or so walking around the Tropical Biome (which was very busy) Teddy-Bear had left the dome and gone to pay Jason & Jo a visit on their stand, with his kids making fire using Firesteels and cottonballs. Oh well it was probably for the best!

A quick shout out for Jason's new YouTube channel that has started:

And you can also find him on Twitter @WoodlandWays