Day in the Woods with Brother Joe

Thursday, 26 August 2010 00:00


Posted by Ashley Cawley

On Monday I took my younger brother Joe out for a cup of tea in the woods. There's nothing Joe likes more than "firing-up and having a brew in the woods" as he puts it. And I certainly find it's the best place to chill you out. Smile

Whilst walking to Carnanton Woods in St Mawgan, Joe spotted his first ever wild-deer, it was nibbling away on some blackberries. We were some distance away but with my zoom lens I managed to get a photo, just before Joe scared it away!Deer

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After we found a suitable spot we were ready to give our new kettle a go, (the Optimus Terra Kettle that Matt had given to me in a previous blog-post) and I thought I would give my fold-out stove a go seeing as it hadn't been used in a long while.cooker-and-kettle

Whilst we waited for the kettle to boil we met a lovely old chap called Bob, who lived and worked around the wood. We had a good old yarn and I hope to catch up with him again. He even offered that I could shoot the deer in the wood, but I said to him I'd just piss them off with my .22 air rifle. Tongue out


Tea was ready!

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