NaturalBushcraft Spring Meet 2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010 16:38

The next NaturalBushcraft Meet will be held at Woodland Valley on Sat 13th - Sun 14th March 2010.

As always we welcome all new-comers to join us in this friendly atmosphere of likeminded Bushcraft people, sharing knowledge, skills and good-times as freely as posible.

- All ages and new-comers are very welcome, however please bear in mind that it is March and could well be wet, windy & cold! So dress yourself and children appropriately. If you are under 16 please bring adult/guardian.

- If you are planning on staying for any duration please bring a camping chair!

- Dogs are allowed, but have to be controlled, not loose disturbing farm-animals & people.

- At this time of year it will be muddy so wear appropriate footwear.

- Meeting in Woodland Valley Carpark for 10am on the 13th March 2010.


The Event will take place at pond woods camp, the green area shown on the map below.

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There are no formal courses or workshops, however impromptu workshops often break out demonstrating things like Fire by Friction, Stove-Making, Cordage Making, Bannock Cooking etc. Everyone is encouraged to join in if they wish and myself and Justin bring along some communal kit for others to have a play with.


£10 Per Person Per Night or £5 each-day for day-visitors.


You must put your name down on this list to attend:

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1 Friday, 26 February 2010 16:43
Bernhard Hofmann
I'll be driving down from EX8 (Exmouth) on the Saturday morning if up to 4 people (max) want to share. I'm staying the night but leaving after an early breakfast to get back for mother's day.
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