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Thread: A Guide to Crayfish Trapping

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    Lightbulb A Guide to Crayfish Trapping

    After a helpful comment on one of my old YouTube videos (where I reviewed a Crayfish trap)... I found out that the expandable, net trap I had was actually illegal to use now as it can easily trap otters also.

    Here is a PDF document I found from the Enviroment Agency, titled:

    "Using the Right Trap - A Guide to Crayfish Trapping" -

    It obviously has some useful guidelines if your interested in trapping Crayfish and it enlightened me on how my trap isn't exactly appropriate.
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    I would've thought there would be a concession if otters aren't prevalent in your area. Also there might be a way to modify the trap i.e. fitting a guard on it to make it safe perhaps. Shame really because those traps are excellent for the task in hand bar anything else.

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    Although this trap I made to catch minnows is very effective in that regard it also catches crayfish. No chance of an otter being trappped here. Tony

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    Quote Originally Posted by asemery View Post
    Although this trap I made to catch minnows is very effective in that regard it also catches crayfish. No chance of an otter being trappped here. Tony

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    Hi Ash,
    thanks for the information, I saw a bit on TV about 3 well know individuals in a boat who were catching and eating crayfish and quite fancied a go myself.
    I looked at the environment agencies forms for trapping crayfish that you have kindly highlighted, and unless you already know exactly where you will be trapping (and already have the landowners permission) it looks like a permit would be difficult. So for anyone just out and about it is not encouraging.
    I like the idea of helping to keep down the alien ones and being safe to other wildlife and the information is quite comprehensive but I feel the red tape is a bit daunting or am I misreading the rules?.
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    IIRC There are very few rivers where the native species still survive
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