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Thread: A 2 knife set for sale.

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    A 2 knife set for sale.

    Hi folks.

    I'm putting these 2 up for sale, they are a set i made for myself. I'm only selling my two as i need the funds for a new build i'm very excited about. The raw materials for which are going to cost me the best part of a grand. I even have to make my own steel for this one out of those raw materials. Its going to be fun, but first i need funds.

    Also, at some point in the next month or so, i will be launching myself as a full time knifemaker with all the overheads/bills that entails, so my knives are going to have to increase in price as a result, and will be more inline with other full time makers. This is not by choice but necessity, its easy to keep a low price point as a hobbiest maker, as there isn't as much to pay out. But i havent put so much of my time and money into it for 3 years to remain a hobby maker Get em while they're cheap folks

    This set is handled in african blackwood with black liners, consisting of a Hillbill bushy and carver.
    The bushy has a 3.25" blade and is 8" overall. made from 3mm 01 tool steel
    The carver has a 1.75" blade and is 5.5" overall
    Asking 200 for the set as they have seen very light use, no marks on them at all though, they are still "as new" saving you around 50 from a new set..
    I'm still making the sheaths for them both will be danglers with quick release belt loops, buyer can choose colour.

    More pics of the set here on this thread

    I am selling this item as a private seller and this sale is in no way the responsibility of or any of its moderators. NaturalBushcraft does not take any fees or commission for this sale.

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    beautiful pair!!!
    'Experience is the most efficient teacher of all things,'

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    Very nice looking blades, keep up the good work.

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    They are beautiful !

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    Edit to add. These knives are on hold pending payment.

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