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Thread: Some pics from 2011.

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    Some pics from 2011.

    This is the last video of the year. It is just a montage of some of our pics over from April onwards.
    We hope you have enjoyed the videos that we have posted this year. Thanks for all your support and guidance and we hope
    you have a wonderful Xman and a happy new year.

    From Alex and Mike

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    Cracking pics and Beautiful music to accompany. Who's the singer btw?

    Thanks ever so much for sharing


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadkillphil View Post
    Cracking pics and Beautiful music to accompany. Who's the singer btw?

    Thanks ever so much for sharing


    The first song is called Buttermilk hill by unknown but i have her youtube channel addy here
    The song was origionally and Irish song Shule Aroon but has gone through many cultural changes not least it being taken from Gaelic to English.
    Usually when it is sung in England it is Butternut Hill. In America it is a Civil War song called Buttermilk Hill.
    The best English version i know of is sung by John Tamms who is a folk singer and also played Hagman in Sharpe.

    The second song is Planets by Kate Rusby a lovely lady from Yorkshire i believe and one of my favourate folk singers. I often use her music and other folk music because for me it fits well and has the kind of easiness and relaxation and peace to it that i find comes from getting out into woodland etc.

    Hope that is enough to find what you are looking for Phil and thanks for the comment.

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    Kate is indeed from Yorkshire. She hails from a village to the west of Barnsley in the south of the county.
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    Nice slideshow
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